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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Community Mapping meeting for the “Restoration of the Historical and Religious Centre of the City of Bethlehem –Star Street”

Star-Street 2018 Bethlehem Municipality and the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation “CCHP” organized a second community meeting to introduce the project of the “Restoration of the historical and religious centre of Bethlehem, Star Street” and the interventions proposed.

Star-Street2018 2-1 The meeting was attended by Mr. Hanna Hanania, deputy mayor of Bethlehem, Arch. Issam Juha, director of CCHP, Mr. Qasem Kan’an, a council member of BM, Mr. Anton Morcos the general director of BM and the inhabitants of the project’s area and number of local organizations representatives.

Mr. Hanania welcomed the audience and stressed on the importance of this historical street enlisted on the WHS, indicating that this project, funded by the Russian Government, shall bring positive results that eventually will revive the area economically and socially.


Star-Street2018 2-2 In return, Arch. Juha clarified the project’s objectives, phases, and budgets through a PowerPoint presentation, pointing out that the project will also include the rehabilitation of the municipality buildings. In addition, he addressed the projects already implemented and the upcoming interventions.

At the end of the meeting, a discussion took place where the inhabitants and shop owners of the street and submitted number of suggestions to the municipality and CCHP that meets their needs, and which shall be taking into account.

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