Religious Routes And Sites
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The Salesian Monastery

On a hillside in the northern part of Bethlehem lies the Salesian cluster. It exemplifies the type of buildings which were erected in the late nineteenth century by various religious denominations at the edges or outside the traditional quarters, and the services they provided the population. It also exemplifies the important role that certain individuals, whether local or foreign have played in the town. An Italian priest, Don Antonio Belloni not only founded the Salesian Orphanage in 1863, but several other institutions as well. Today the complex includes two monasteries, a church, an orphanage, and a technical school. In 1890, Don Belloni joined the Salesian Congregation, to which he left all his property, including the Cremisan which he bought in 1873. A high belfry distinguishes the Salesian building, which has been greatly extended over the years. The Salesian technical school with its many branches has become the pride of Bethlehem. People line up in the morning to buy the tasty bread baked there. The complex also houses the International Nativity Museum.